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Blue Magic Oil™ Serving The Firearms Industry Since 1982

Increased Accuracy, Lower Barrel Temperature, Cleaner Barrels, and increased Cyclic Rate!


 Tests on several types of guns showed that after using Blue Magic Oil ™ , accuracy was increased, barrel temperature was lowered, barrels were cleaner after firing, and the cyclic rate was increased!The tests were conducted at Caswell Shooting Range, 855 E. Isabella, Mesa, Arizona 85024. The tests were overseen and performed by John Campbell, Manager of Caswell Shooting Range, and Rick Kennedy, Owner of Kennedy Kustom Guns. The thermometer used was a Fluke 51, Type K. The timer used to test the rate of fire was a Pact Mark III Championship Timer and Chronograph. 

Test 1: 9MM MP5 Machine Gun

 A 9mm MP5 fully automatic German machine gun with a fluted chamber was cleaned using normal procedures. Then 31 rounds were fired, using PMC 9A 9mm Luger 115GR.FMJ lot #9A-427 ammunition. The temperature of the barrel was 103.7 degrees after shooting. It took 2.16 seconds to fire the 31 rounds, which equals a cyclic rate of 861 round per minute.The gun was then stripped and the barrel cleaned. A small amount of Blue Magic Oil™  was applied to the barrel and some of the moving parts of the gun. Then another 31 shots were fired. The maximum temperature was 96.2 degrees after firing, which was a decrease of 7.5 degrees. It took 2.1 seconds to fire the 31 rounds, which equals 885 rounds per minute...an increase of 24 rounds per minute. 

Test 2: Cap and Ball Black Powder Shooting

  Joe Wilby of California commented that he normally gets 11-15 shots with his Cap and Ball Black Powder Rifle before having to clean it due to loss of accuracy. He tried Blue Magic Oil™  and after 50+ shots, his accuracy had not deviated! After he got home that evening, he used only a few patches to clean his gun. Normally, he says it takes "about half a bed sheet" to clean his gun 

How Blue Magic Oil™ Works

 The ingredients in Blue Magic Oil™  are impregnated into the carbon steel poles. The more Blue Magic Oil™ is used, the better the lubrication impregnates and builds up. We have not found it to over-build.For example, a 9mm pistol with a slide action on the top was cleaned with solvent and then some Blue Magic Oil™ was worked into the gun over a period of several hours. Then, the gun was re-cleaned with solvent and put back together with no oil. After re-cleaning the gun, it had better lubricity than when regular gun oil was used, which shows that after the oil is gone, the lubrication still works.Also, other tests have shown that Blue Magic Oil™ has reduced the amount of pull on the trigger.When resizing military brass (the toughest to resize), too much lubricant on the brass can cause it to hydraulic and be crushed. Blue Magic Oil™ was liberally applied to the brass and the case was sized without being crushed. We were unable to cause the case to hydraulic even after repeated additions of Blue Magic Oil™. We also found that after oiling the case, we could resize many more pieces of brass without having to re-oil because the lubricity was impregnated into the die.  

MAGIC LUBE by P. Gorbenko

 " I have been in love with the hobby of shooting and collecting firearms for 40 years and have enjoyed and savored every moment of it. The thrill and excitement of another acquisition has not diminished after all these years.After placing such a high priority on a life's interest, an early realization was that I needed to find the right oil for lubrication and preservation of these toys. Asking the older generation for good information turned up mixed results.Some of these shooters were using motor oil, motor oil mixed with kerosene, Sperm Whale oil, 3-in-1 oil, various graphite preparations, as well as Rig Gun Lube, STP, mineral oil, and other miscellaneous brands of gun oil. Believe it or not, I have tried them all. I figured that any lube was better than none. However, some are better than others. Let us proceed to examine the above types.MOTOR OIL molecules are too big for this task. Thin applications are removed too easily; therefore, the preservative nature of the oil is lost. In short, it is too messy and not practical since a thick coating is required to do the job.SPERM WHALE OIL is difficult, if not impossible, to obtain. Killing these majestic creatures in order to oil my firearms, when so much else is available, does not make any sense. The preservative nature on metal seems good, but the lubricity is questionable.3-IN-1 OIL definitely lacks the viscosity and heavy duty lubricating qualities for smooth operation and minimizing wear. It does seem to offer good surface protection.GRAPHITES provide great lubricity, but depend on oils for preservative qualities. I cannot tell which is the carbon gunk or graphite when cleaning the firearm since both are black. If you coat the metal surfaces with this type of product, you will immediately have soiled hands and soon after, very dirty clothing. This product is not user friendly.All the various commercial gun oils are very similar to the 3-in-1 oil. Moving parts in a gun need an oil thick enough to cling to the surfaces, and these products are just too light to do the job. Some contain detergents and solvents to keep carbon and debris loose and soft, but this is totally unnecessary for firearms.STP is too thick and temperature sensitive. Your firearm almost stiffens shut in cold weather. This product is also messy to deal with.Presently, there is such a bewildering array of lubricants available to the shooters and collectors that selecting the best one can be downright confusing. However, there is on product that stands head and shoulders above the others, which we will discuss momentarily.Most traditional lubricants available have not changed very much since they were developed in a previous generation. Those on the cutting edge of oil technology are trying to perfect a potion of oil mixed with Teflon, Dupont's magic plastic, also known as PTFE. The military has its LSA, Triflo, and Break-Free (CLP), while the civilians also have their choice of a number of Teflon based oils.The military LSA is far too thick; it cakes and the Teflon mesh (grit) is too coarse. A real problem with Teflon compounds is that the Teflon separates from the oil.Triflo and Break-Free (CLP) have even greater separation problems. The oil feels like a solvent and the Teflon quickly settles to the bottom of the containers.Rem oil allegedly contains Teflon, but where is it? All of the others have visible Teflon but this oil is clear! When you rub some between your fingers it is not very slippery.There is a product out on the market that really excites me. It is currently being used by some military units utilizing semi-auto .50 caliber long range rifles. The oil has just the right viscosity, perfect to stay on the bearing parts, and it is not temperature sensitive. This product does not separate and boy, does it ever work! It offers excellent protection against metal oxidation along with the greatest lubricity available. Tests show that when used in the barrel it cuts down lead build-up. The plastic applicator tip which tapers to a fine point gives you a surgical application to avoid waste. In order to appreciate how slippery this product really is, you will have to try it out.This product is called Blue Magic Oil. It is purple and you cannot see through it due to it's lubricity enhancing additives. The ingredients in Blue Magic Oil become impregnated into the pores of the carbon steel. The more you use, the better it builds up. It has not been found to overbuild.No matter what else I try it on, such as electric motors, ball bearings, door hinges, and reloading machines, it works better than anything else I have ever used. Even in timing rpm in machine guns it increases the number of shots by 25 rpm with the exact same loads, far outperforming the previous mentioned lubricants. Other tests have shown Blue Magic Oil has reduced the amount of trigger pull needed.This amazing product can be directly obtained from the manufacturer Alpha Tech Coatings, Inc."  

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32240 W. BUD RD., MARICOPA, AZ 85138, US

(520) 568-2003