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Known as extreme performance coatings, Xylan® withstands intense pressures, provides low friction coeffiency, and is corrosion and chemical resistant. With excellent adhesion to most metals, plastics, ceramics, and woods, Xylan® is the perfect choice for applications requiring protection from sunlight, salt water, and road chemicals.

Designed for the automotive industry, Resilon® improves the performance of automotive sealing systems where release, abrasion and noise reduction are required.

This heat-resistant, nonstick coating provides dry-film release with exceptional resistance to permeation. To reduce the tendency for formed parts to stick to molds, for food to stick to bakeware, or other difficult applications where release is required, Xylan XLR® is the perfect choice.

Formulated to protect metal from hostile environments, Dykor® is unaffected by most chemicals and solvents and has high thermal stability, abrasion resistance, and mechanical strength properties. Used as a single-film coating or as a topcoat, Dykor® provides excellent weather and UV protection.

Utilizing inorganic, ceramic-metallic bonding agents, rather than the organic polymer resins found in Xylan® coatings, Xylar® coatings are much harder and have the potential for higher operating temperatures. Providing excellent metal protection from oxidizing due to water in all forms, including salt water, ice, steam, and even subterranean condensation, Xylar® is the solution for any application requiring corrosion resistance.

Reinforced externally with stainless-steel alloy, Excalibur® is a fluoropolymer coating designed to survive demanding industrial applications. By definition, fluoropolymer coatings are soft and do not provide durability properties. Excalibur® is the exception, providing superior abrasion resistance and durability.


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